Gayle Anderson was live in Marina del Rey at Uncle Darrow's with the Gumbo Brothers because today is MARDI GRAS, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday, the final day of feasting and fun before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. You don’t have to go to New Orleans to celebrate MARDI GRAS. Uncle Darrow’s in Marina del Rey is celebrating Fat Tuesday TONIGHT from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a crawfish boil and a live performance by The Gumbo Brothers.

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As it happens, the two-part "Crescent City" episode of "NCIS," during which the characters and setting for the "NCIS: New Orleans" spinoff were introduced in spring 2014, rerun at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Wednesday (Jan. 28) on USA.

Scenes for the episodes were shot in Los Angeles (where "NCIS" is produced, faking for Washington, D.C.) and New Orleans. The opening club scene was captured in Los Angeles, and featured the L.A.-based band The Gumbo Brothers performing their song "Keep it Raw."

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The Gumbo Brothers are performing "Keep It Raw" in the opening scene of the NCIS:New Orleans pilot episode,"Crescent City". The show originally aired March 25,2014 on CBS.

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Gumbo is a heavily seasoned stew combining various ingredients and culinary practices anchored in West African, French, Spanish, German and Chocktaw cultures. The local Venice band born out of New Orleans Mardi Gras musical tradition, The Gumbo Brothers, are equally spicy with a homegrown name that reflects their eclectic musical taste.

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The Gumbo Brothers, hosted by Helen Borgers, will open Jazzfest, sponsored by KJAZZ 88.1 on Saturday, Aug. 3.

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The Lanna World Festival in Thailand is the brainchild of long time resident and TV personality Todd Thongdee and will offer performances from not only Northern musicians but also includes other performers like New Orleans Gumbo Brothers.

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New Orleans-style sounds will hit the Twilight Concert Series on the Santa Monica Pier Thursday, Aug. 30, when The Gumbo Brothers take the stage.


The concert series is held every Thursday night from 7 to 10 p.m. through Sept. 6.

Venice-based New Orleans-style funk band The Gumbo Brothers, who have performed weekly performances at various local venues and parties, will open the concert. The Hot 8 Brass Band was scheduled to headline but had to cancel due to Hurricane Isaac. The Brooklyn funk band the Pimps of Joytime will take their place as headliners. The Gumbo Brothers have taken part in the annual Mardi Gras parade on the boardwalk since 2003.

The band’s debut CD, “Funky Freedom,” was released in 2007. They are currently working on their next CD, “Chicken Gumbo,” a funky, instrumental mixture of original grooves. Band members say they are dedicated to exploring the traditions of funk, soul, jazz and R&B.

The band includes Johann Stein on guitar and vocals, Greg Sonnier on bass and vocals, Jon McBride on electric piano, organ and saxophone and Reggie Longware on drums.

The Twilight Concert Series is co-produced by Los Angeles-based Rum & Humble.



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Hosted by Bubba jackson, we are delighted that The Gumbo Brothers will be performing for the Hollywood & Highland Summer jazz Concert series tonight.

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The Gumbo Brothers headlines the Rawvolution stage for the 12th Annual Main Street Summer SOULstice Festival.

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The Gumbo Brothers will be featured on the 2nd episode of Chef John Besh's new show,"Inedible to Incredible"! We'll be second-lining down the street with the acclaimed New Orleans chef and performing our song,"Here Come The Tribe" at a backyard party! The show will air on TLC in late June.


25 L.A.-based Musicians Create a Unique Holiday Collection for a Worthy Cause Venice, CA December 17, 2009 -- 25 musicians from the Los Angeles area have donated their time and talents to the creation of a unique and eclectic holiday mix in the styles of jazz, rock, funk, gospel--- and even chipmunks. Produced by Jon McBride of DogTown Gris Gris, the project was developed to showcase the talents of a tight-knit network of musicians surrounding the Venice, Calif.-based New Orleans-style funk band, The Gumbo Brothers. All proceeds from The Gumbo Family Holiday Album benefit the successful mentorship and fitness program for at-risk youth, Students Run LA. With its opening of Tchaikovsky’s “Sugar Plum Fairy”: recorded entirely in traditional New Orleans brass band style (with Critical Brass, Jon McBride and Matthew DeMerrit) and second-line drumming by Metairie, Louisiana native, Marc Joseph, we are taken off the streets of Venice, Calif. and right into the heart of the French Quarter. West Hollywood diva, Kim Yarbrough offers a thundering funky gospel version of “What Month Was Jesus Born In?” from Langston Hugh’s “Black Nativity” and made famous by the late Odetta. Jazz vocalist and NPR’s Prairie Home Companion favorite, Inga Swearingen, brings a masterful update to the classic, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and sings an unusual addition to the holiday songbook, Horace Silver’s “Peace”. Fast-forward to The Gumbo Brothers organ-soaked version of “Merry Christmas Baby” by Big Easy song-writer, Charles Brown, and the depth of this collaboration becomes clear. This album uniquely represents cornerstones of American roots music with an organic funky beat that will have even the most uptight office holiday partiers dancing and clapping whether or not the eggnog is spiked. The 15-song album concludes with a captivating a cappella version of Silent Night that incorporates the talents of nine singers arranged and produced by Los Angeles Master Chorale member, Kristen Toedtman and McBride. “Arranging this unique collection of songs knowing I had such a talented and diverse group of musicians to work with has been a gift,” said McBride. “I am thrilled to present my favorite holiday songs with a bayou-tinged twist to support a great cause.” The Gumbo Family Holiday Album features the talents of The Gumbo Brothers, Inga Swearingen, Kristen Toedtman, Sugarlick, Kim Yarbrough, Vin Caggiano, Benjamin J., The Modeens, Critical Brass, and Matthew DeMerritt, among others. For more information or to purchase the CD or a download of the album, visit:

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Add some cajun seasoning to the season I'm the kind of guy who won't go into a mall after Thanksgiving for fear of being bombarded with stultifying holiday music. However, deep down, there are one or two carols which always seem to get me a little emotional. ("Little Drummer Boy," by Bing Crosby and David Bowie comes to mind.) After speaking with Jon McBride, a founding member of the Venice-based New Orleans-style funk band, The Gumbo Brothers, I realized he felt similarly about holiday music. For more of this story, click on the link below.

The Gumbo Family Holiday Album!!

The Gumbo Family Holiday Album intends to raise more than $10,000 to benefit Students Run LA, a local non-profit organization challenging at-risk students to discover the benefits of goal-setting, character development, adult mentoring and improved health by providing them with the life-changing experience of training for and participating in the Los Angeles Marathon. Check out Students Run LA at

This collection of swampy funk is deep in the pocket, right where it should be. The grooves are thick, the vocals are sparse and always add texture to the interplay between the musicians, and the vibes never get bogged down. For a four piece, they crank out a surprisingly full sound, complimenting the bass and drums with organ, electric piano, saxophone, and some slick percussion. The lyrics and vocals are pure party soul, designed to get you in tune with the vibe and flow of the music. Songs like "Booty Movin'" give you even more than what you might expect: A tight drum beat, accented with driving organ and guitar that sandwich the listener right in the middle of some wild vocals and a full on groove that splits open for a fantastic sax solo. The Gumbo Brothers say they're "going to hit you with some ass-shakin' funk!" They got that right. Prepare yourself.


The Gumbo Brothers By thatch • Apr 17th, 2008 • Category: Jazz, Music These guys are just a hoot. You don’t walk down the street so much as slip, slide, strut and saunter when The Gumbo Brothers pop up in the MP3 player. The grooves on this bands music are just deadly and there is a wonderful mix of jazz, funk, soul and reggae. When you hear these guys, you will immediately think New Orleans (well I do) but the reality is that they are from Venice Beach California. It’s not a real problem back in the Seventies my favourite reggae band was from Melbourne. Go figure. You have to like a band that makes available MP3’s for you listening pleasure, “Funky Freedom” is today’s track of choice, sparse vocals, killer rhythm section understated keys and the staccato guitars (complete with a full on retro lead break very reminsicent of the Isley Brothers) is fabulous, but “Burning Up“ with it’s slow burn groove and Sly Stonesesque chorus should not be missed. The Gumbo Brothers are Johann Stein on guitar and vocals, Greg Sonnier on bass and vocals, Jon McBride on electric piano, organ and saxophone, and Reggie Longware on drums, percussion and vocals. This Venice-based quartet has made it their mission to spread bayou-influenced, psychedelic swamp-funk throughout the southland and beyond. Gotta tell you,I’m onboard.

The title says it all on this swampified stew of soul, jazz, reggae, and (of course) funk. Don’t let the cover art fool you. Peter Max would have been proud, but there is nothing even remotely 60’s about the music inside. Well, maybe a throwback nod to Canned Heat, but that’s all. And a touch of Booker T., and a little Booty People. But other than that you can forget the 60’s references. And the horns are a touch reminiscent of BS&T. But seriously, I’m done comparing. The Gumbo Brothers, who make their home in Venice Beach, California, sound like they were born in the bayou and raised on poke salit and alligator tale. You just don’t get more New Orleans than this foursome. From the opening groove of the title cut to the waning wail of “Lose Your Self” Funky Freedom is all about the funk in all of its incarnations. “Dr. Kronic,” delivers a mid-tempo invitation to boogie. “Shakedown Street” is a six-minute monster track that is custom made for a sultry slow dance. On “Get Your Freak On” the Brothers venture dangerously close to rock ‘n’ roll, but never loose sight of the groove. The jazz is smooth, the vocals are gritty, the funk is thick and syrupy. If you can’t dance to this album, you just can’t dance.

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One might expect that the deliciously retro soul/jazz/funk band, The Gumbo Brothers, would have Southern roots, but one would be wrong. Hailing from Venice Beach, the New Orleans-style quartet makes the kind of saxy, wah-wah, keyboard-driven funk that was popular before most of today’s music buyers were born, but it doesn’t sound outdated. It’s dance music, sho’ ‘nuff, and the band’s new album never slows down. It’s worth checking out the record, but I’m betting that the real event is their live shows. Here’s hoping they come through Virginia soon.

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Mardi Gras by the beach.